Gaye Collin
Coming from an Irish background, I started dancing at 6 and competed in Irish dancing until I was 19.  I then trained as a teacher & had my own dancing school for 20 years. I came to Scottish Country Dancing in my late teens, married a SCD teacher (Damon Collin) so always attended SCD social events for many years while still teaching Irish dancing, working part time, and bringing up a family.

I started training for my Scottish Country Dancing certificate while dancing at the Lower Hutt Club & became qualified in 2011 & have enjoyed the passion again for teaching at the club level, day, and weekend classes, a Summer School in NZ and have also taught in Australia. Teaching this wonderful form of dancing is stimulating for me as each level requires a different teaching strategy & therefore keeps your mind searching for a fresh approach to ensure your class is engaged & achieving.  I also love devising dances, which appeals to my creative side, and adds another dimension to this journey of teaching and dancing in this worldwide family of Scottish Country Dancing.

Trish Nicholls
Trish has always loved to dance. She began her professional life as a Physical Education teacher, majoring in dance and even though she had taught a selection of Scottish dances in her PE classes, did not begin “formal” SCDing until many years later.

Trish has taught at Day Schools, Australian Winter Schools, a Weekend Workshop and Summer School in New Zealand and has been on the staff of the RSCDS St Andrews Summer School since 2012.

Trish is known to be somewhat of a technical specialist, across all class levels. The only distinguishing factor seems to be, that the more advanced the level, the wider her sets become!

She has taught four DAA classes, two in Sydney, two at the St Andrew’s Summer School and is on the list of approved Australian assessors for these courses. Trish is an approved tutor and has successfully presented candidates for Units 2 and 3 of the Teaching Certificate, both in Sydney and in St Andrews. She is now mentoring Unit 4 teachers.

Trish is retired and enjoys travelling, dabbling in language learning, volunteering in a pet therapy program, going to the gym, recreational bike riding and walking. 

Angela Young
Angela was born and brought up in Aberdeen, Scotland. She started dancing at a very early age, learning Scottish Country Dancing, Ballet, Tap & Highland. This was quickly followed by piano lessons from the age of four. Angela grew up surrounded by music & dancing – her mum is a Scottish Country Dance teacher, and her dad played the accordion.

As soon as she could, Angela took her RSCDS teaching certificates – her Prelim in Aberdeen and then her Full Certificate near London, when she moved there for work at the BBC. As a teenager she taught Highland dancing at her local dancing school, and was involved in teaching at children’s Scottish Country Dance classes in Aberdeen. While at University, Angela was delighted to be invited to play at the RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews and Summer School has been an annual event for her since then.

While in London Angela taught both adult and children’s classes for the RSCDS Branch, including the Demonstration Team and has choreographed displays for many events including the “CCPR On Show” at the Royal Albert Hall.

Since moving back to Scotland, Angela regularly teaches in Aberdeen with the Airyhall Dancers and for the Aberdeen Branch.

As well as teaching day and weekend schools in the UK and Europe, Angela has taught and played at the RSCDS Summer & Winter Schools and Spring Fling, taught in Toronto, at the San Francisco Weekend School in Asilomar, at the New Zealand Summer School and at the TAC Teachers’ Conference Weekend.

Having trained many teams for Festivals, Angela qualified as an adjudicator in 2013, is an RSCDS Medal Test Assessor and Tutor as well as currently working on the RSCDS Membership Services Committee.

Nicole Trewavas

I began dancing at the age of 11. Both my parents danced and when my sisters and I were old enough, we were allowed to dance in the adult class.

As a junior member, I was lucky enough to be able to sit and achieve all the NZ JAM medal tests. This then led to me working towards my RSCDS Teaching Certificate, which I achieved at the Cambridge summer school 2013/2014. I am currently the tutor for the Manawatu Scottish Country Dance Club in Palmerston North and in 2016 begun a new class for children. I have attended many Summer Schools, day schools and weekend schools around the country as a dancer and I have also had the privilege of teaching at some of them as well.

When I am not teaching dancing I am teaching pre-schoolers at a local childcare centre in Palmerston North. When I’m not working or dancing, I enjoy practising my new hobby – learning to play the bagpipes!

Header photo credit: WA Tourism